English Honey Oak Shaker Table

This solid Oak side table is made from two types of English Oak. The top and centre stretcher are from a 350 old Sussex oak, the same tree from the Tuckmans Collection, and the legs and side stretchers are from a Sussex oak that fell in the 1987 storm.

The top has been left with its natural curves and a slight bow from drying process. The wood was stored in an Oak-framed barn for 23 years where it lay undisturbed. Over those year the grain hardened, the knots tightened and a slight bow formed in the wood due to the inherent strength of the centre of the board. The legs have been handcrafted and joined using traditional windsor techniques producing a very strong undercarriage with a light aesthetic. The edge profiles are different on every side. One side has a long beveled cut with defined lines, in contrast the opposite has the natural waney edge with its curves and irregularities. The ends are also different, one is formed straight whilst the other has a beautiful knot. The knot and surrounding dense grain are completely unique to this piece of wood. The natural cracks that formed as the wood dried have been tied with dovetails providing a further series of aesthetic features.

Finished with a durable blend of natural oils and wax


H 54cm L 70cm W 42cm


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