Photo courtesy of Edvinas Bruzas

Photo courtesy of Edvinas Bruzas

Bobby Mills

Everything I make is 100% handcrafted using a blend of traditional and modern techniques. I rely on a small selection of hand tools and my traditional wood working lathe to create all of my work.

I create unique wooden pieces ranging from furniture pieces to wooden vessels. Each piece I make is totally unique, the wood itself directs what I will make and the form it will take. I want to make things that look nice, feel nice and that are useful everyday. Within these parameters I enjoy exploring the balance and relationships between form and function.

I grew up and lived in Sussex most of my life and will always have a deep connection to the landscape but my small workshop has recently moved from the South Downs National Park in Sussex to the North Devon Biosphere Nature Reserve. Im now 650ft above sea level with the Atlantic Ocean within touching distance to my north and west.

I want nothing more than to create something useful, beautiful and of heirloom quality that will live a life of its own for centuries to come.

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