The Tuckmans Collection

The Tuckmans collection is a small limited collection of three-legged stools from a single English Oak tree that stood in Sussex for over 350 years.

The Story

The landscape in which the tree stood has been settled for thousands of years yielding Roman coins and Bronze Age axe heads. The tree either self seeded or was planted in the 17th century, 350 years before it was felled in 1995. In a bid to see the wood from the tree live on, the farmer had the trunk milled where the tree stood and then stored only yards away in an oak framed barn as old as the tree itself. The wood then rested and naturally air-dried for 23 years undisturbed. The grain slowly tightened, the knots hardened and the beautiful character was covered in a thick layer of dust.

. The wood has dense grain patterns and a dark mellow brown colour. The colour characteristics speak of the tree’s original local name ‘Honey Oak’.

Each stool from this collection allows the tree to live on in a piece that can be passed on for generations to come.